Paris is a natural wine lover’s heaven, and now you can use this map to find restaurants, wine bars and wine stores in different neighborhoods. Note that if you want to specify an arrondissement, just add 750 plus the number of the arrondissement in the zip code field (ex: 01 or 20). You will also need to specify the city as Paris or else it will assume you are looking for a US zip code.

Here’s a brief explanation of the categories:

Cave: A wine store.

Cave à Manger: This is a wine store, where you can also eat and drink (they usually don’t have a license to serve a glass of wine without some food however, so a plate of cheese with your wine is usually required if you want to have a drink there). Bottles are available with your meal at the same price as retail, plus a very small corkage fee. A great value!

Bar à Vins: This is like a restaurant, but more informal. You can eat a meal here, but the dishes are normally more simple that at a full-scale restaurant. It’s not really a place to go and drink without eating: the French don’t really do that when they drink wine.

Res·tau·rant (rst-ränt, -tr-nt) n.
A place where meals are served to the public. [French, restorative soup, restaurant, from present participle of restaurer, to restore, from Old French restorer; see restore.]

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