Featured Friend of the Month: The Farm on Adderley

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We are very excited to have just added a last minute special winemaker dinner to the schedule for Natural Winemakers’ Week 2012, at The Farm on Adderley, in Ditmas Park:

Sunday, February 12th, 8pm, 4 courses with winemaker Alain Rochard from Loup Blanc in the Languedoc, $65. Email thefarmonadderleyevents@gmail.com  for reservations.

Chef Tom Kearney is a rare breed: he’s a chef who not only knows how to showcase the best of high quality fresh ingredients but is also an expert in wine. Tom took a year off from cooking a while back just to work in a wine store and immerse himself in that world. The results is that the pairings he puts together for a winemaker dinner are some of the most phenomenal and creative we’ve ever tasted. Tom and his partner have created a place that is really part of the community, and designed the menu to be “sustainable,” in the sense that they wanted people to be able to eat there 3-4 times per week and still feel good about themselves. Around 80% of the menu is sourced locally, and the menu changes regularly to reflect what’s in season. To go along with that, the Farm’s wine list is also one of the most naturally focused restaurant lists in the city, so it’s really one of our favorite places to eat! We sat down with Tom recently and he riffed on natural wines, how he thinks about matching them with food, and more: