It is our great pleasure to introduce arguably the GREATEST fruit based beverages ever put under a crown cap and in a key keg respectively.

Forget about “cider” as you know it and get your head ready for the release of the world’s first and foremost Frukt Pet Nat (Fruit Pet Nat).  Frukt Pet Nat revolution is here!  And from where you ask??

Sweden 🇸🇪, a most magical and enchanting Scandinavian country complete with some of the most beautiful, wild, and untouched orchard fruits, ranging from all types of eating apples, pears, plums, in addition to garden quince, grapes, sloe berries, sea buckthorn, and rhubarb.  All of which are the components of the stunning line up of tasty juice full of vibrancy, tongue-pleasing acidity, refreshingly drinkable sparklers. 

All of these imaginative sound-clashes end up with the most clever and ingenious label art from some of the most iconic albums of our time, thus each bottle release is an “album”.

Frukstereo is a collaboration between Karl Sjöström & Mikael Nypelius, who both worked as sommeliers in fine dining in Sweden. The fruit they work with comes either from home gardens or abandoned orchards, or is from waste fruit from local farmers. Everything they make is fermented with natural yeast with zero additives. Their first commercial release was in 2016, so look for many new products to come from them in the future!

Enjoy a quick introduction story on the guys and their fruit-nats!


This is not a Cider — Back to the top

Ingredients: Water and 15% apple/pear mix

Maceration: 2-4 weeks

Additives: Water, skins, cores, pips and fruit

Residual Sugar: 5g/liter

Total Production: 8000 liters

Info: A political statement about the Swedish cider regulations that allow a cider to contain as little as 15% fruit. 3.25% of pure cider lemonade.

Britney’s Pears — Back to the top

Ingredients: Alexander Lukas pears, Gloster

Maceration: 2-5 hours

Additives: None

Residual Sugar: 15 g/liter

Total Production: 3000 liters

Info: 80% pears that were going to be thrown away to the boars if we didn’t “save” them. Very fresh and balanced with its high acidity and slight residual sugar that makes you want to scream HIT ME BABY ONE MORE TIME!!

Ciderday Night Fever — Back to the top

Karl & Mikael on this fruit-nat: “The cider you need to keep your strut at the dance floor a whole evening. A real apple energy boost!”

Ingredients: the 2020 is 80% Ingrid-Marie, 20% Aroma apples

Orchards: 50% Axelstorp – a traditional orchard in northwest Skåne. Planted in the 1940s and today managed without pesticides or herbicides by Magnus “Fäviken” Nilsson. 50% Haväng – right by the Baltic Sea on the east coast of Skåne in the Verkeån nature reserve. Free-standing apple and plum trees first planted in the 1940s.

Making of: 50% of the apples are skin-macerated for 3 weeks. Fermented with indigenous yeast partly in amphora. Unfiltered and without additives.
Disgorged by hand in April 2021.

Personality: tannins like in “classical” cider but with higher FRUKTSTEREO energy and the perfect concentration and quality of Magnus Nilsson’s fruit.

FWA Straight outta Gotland — Back to the top

Ingredients: Apples from gardens on Gotland and just a little bit of pears as well.

Maceration: 5 days

Additives: None

Residual Sugar:2 grams/liter or maybe a bit more

Total Production: 600 liters

Info: Apples from Mikael’s family farm on Gotland, over 100 year over 100 year old trees of Brambley, Ingrid-Marie and Filippa.

FWA Straight outta Dalby — Back to the top

Ingredients: Apples: Igrid-Marie, Ribston and others

Maceration: 2-5 hours

Additives: None

Residual Sugar: Zero

Total Production: 900 liters

Info: A very complex and powerful cider. Apples from an old orchard in Dalby. The trees are 60+ years old and have been abandoned since the early 90s A true Alice in fruit wonderland!

Plumenian Rhapsody — Back to the top

Ingredients: 75% Apples and 25% Plums from Dalby and a little Swedish red wine from Rondo from 2016.

Maceration: Long

Residual Sugar: 2 grams/liter or maybe a bit more

Total Production: 400 liters

Info: Small plums in all different shapes and colors from the wild orchard in Dalby is what really makes the magic in this juice. And with a touch of grapes it really makes a fantastic example of the potential of co-ferments.

Cider Stardust — Back to the top

Ingredients: Aroma apples, and organic honey(3,5%)

Maceration: 2-5 hours

Additives: None

Residual Sugar: Zero

Total Production: 1000 liters

Info: Ciderstardust and the honeys from Höör. A cider for the true cider rebel! Imagine the floral notes of the best honey imaginable and the fruit of classic Swedish aroma apples, wham bam!

Bellondie — Back to the top

Ingredients: Belle de Boscop 90% 10% Gloster

Maceration: 24 hours

Additives: None

Residual Sugar: Zero

Total Production: 1000 liters

Info: We were told that Belle de Boscop would never be able to make a good cider. For us it has turned out to be the complete opposite. It’s the Grand Cru of Swedish garden fruit with its complexity and structure together with the yeasty creaminess from staying on the lees in bottle, WE LOVE IT!

Definitely Cider — Back to the top


Ingredients: Mutsu Apples and Pears

Maceration: 2-5 hours

Additives: None

Residual Sugar: 5 grams/liter

Total Production: 3000 liters

Info: A fresh and complex cider for that moment when all you want is a cider that will live forever.

Yellow Cidermarine — Back to the top

Ingredients: 60% Ingrid Marie apples, 25% Concorde pears, 5% honey, 5% carrots, 5% sea buckthorn

Orchards: Apples & pears come from Magnus Nilsson’s farm Axelstorp in northwest Skåne, an old traditional orchard with trees from the 1940s, 50s, 60s. Carrots are from Nyplings in Gotland. Honey from Anna Hansson in Lillgården in Höör, a very small artisinal beekeeper close to Malmö. Sea buckthorn was foraged in Malmö.

Making of: Carrots have been fermented with apples and aged for one year. The vintage after, honey, pears, and apples have fermented with indigenous yeast and skin-macerated with whole sea buckthorn berries for about 2 months. Unfiltered and without additives. 

Personality: Packed with yellow fruit flavor and sea buckthorn’s aromatic acidity. All you need when you sail out to the sun!

First We Take a Manhattan, then we Take a Berliner Weiss — Back to the top

Ingredients: 50% Berliner weisse wort (from Hönsinge brewery) & 50%  Pears (from Båstad, Skåne)

Maceration: 24 hours

Additives: Water, malt, lactobacillus

Residual Sugar: 15 grams plus carbohydrates from the malt

Total Production: 2000 liters

Info: Its an experiment, yes, but is it a beer or a cider….

Hard to say, tastes a bit like a sour beer but has the distinct flavors of a pear, and behaves maybe more like a cider. But it’s still a beer, or is it? Basically we got wort from our pals at Hönsinge and blended it with pears, let it ferment with the native yeast of the pears and here we are, a new world conquerer.

Draft Funk/Daft Frukt — Back to the top

This is Draft Funk in keg and Daft Frukt in bottle –  because it’s the funkiest cider available in kegs (draft).

Ingredients: 50% apples, 40% pears, 8% Solaris grapes and 2% quince.

Making of: a blend a little bit from almost every cuvée Fruktstereo makes during a vintage – a“house blend“ fermented all together, aged with heavy lees and bottled last of all each year. A few of the tanks develop a type of “flor” cover during fermentation and aging. Indigenous yeast only, unfiltered and without additives.

Personality: Wild but definitely will make you say (sing) One More Time! The pears bring a lacto feel and saltiness that should appeal to all the goes / sour beer lovers out there. Serve chilled as the bubbles and lees need a little bit of taming.

Cider Revolution — Back to the top

The cider to kickstart a pure fruit revolution!

Ingredients: The 2020 vintage is 80% apples (Cox Orange Pippin & Gloster) and 20% pears (Clara Friis & Conference)

Orchards: 30% Haväng – right by the Baltic Sea on the east coast of Skåne in the Verkeån nature reserve, we found this paradise orchard in 2020. Free-standing apple and plum trees first planted in the 1940s. 70% is surplus fruit from local
growers in Österlen and northern Skåne.

Making of: The fruit is skin-macerated for 3 weeks. Fermented with indigenous yeast. Unfiltered and without additives.

Desencidré — Back to the top

Ingredients: Aroma apples, Sloe berries(2,5%),Pinot noir(0,5%), Beetroot(0,25%)

Maceration: 2-5 hours for the apples, 6 weeks for the berries

Additives: None

Residual Sugar: 5 grams/liter

Total Production: 1000 liters

Info: A tribute to all the fantastic pride festivals all around the world that encourage everyone to be themselves. For us that is to lose yourself to some old french pop/disco. As good of a party starter as it gets.

Cider Maybe — Back to the top

Ingredients: Direct pressed and macerated Solaris grapes with pear juice.

Maceration: 2-5 hours for the apples, 6 weeks for the berries

Additives: None

Info: Today we highlight an album that’s been with us since the start in 2016 but changed a bit over the years. In 2016 it was made like a petnat, 100% direct pressed Solaris grapes fermented side by side and exactly the same way as our Definitely cider 2016 made of 100% Filippa apples. 2017 was a really bad grape year up in Scandinavia so we came up with the idea to macerate the small amounts of grapes (or more stems) in apple juice. It made its purpose of creating a tannin structure and aromatic sensation but lacked a bit of body and length. 2018 we took it further and wanted to make it even more in the tropical, sweeter and complex path so we used pear juice and macerated direct pressed Solaris grapes with some added juice. Rich, thick and more like a wine than before. 2019 it’s in the same path but a bit fresher and cleaner than before but still with an explosion of tropical aromas and flavour! Is it a wine, is it a cider, or is it something else? It’s Cider Maybe? Definitely probably maybe!!!


The fruit petnat formerly known as cider — Back to the top

Fruktstereo FKA cider
Fruit: Apples, pears, plums, grapes

Origin: Apples and pears from Solberga, Dalby. Plum skins from Arkelstorp, Solaris grapes skins
from Hällåkra (Sweden’s first organic vineyard) and Weinbergs.
Additives: None
Residual sugar: 5g/l
Info: Short maceration and started fermentation with the apples and pears. During fermentation addition of the plum and grape skins racked off from Plumenian Rhapsody and Grape me. Around 1 month of maceration before racking off the juice and bottling. A much lighter version than 2018, more plum character with almondy flavor and nice freshness with some VA in the finish.