Vino Quantico

Vino Quantico is a joint project in Lingualossa, on the slopes of Mount Etna, between Giovanni Raiti and Pietro di Giovanni. Giovanni makes white wine and Pietro, the red. They have a few different vineyard sites, including one that was Giovanni’s father’s vineyard, planted 50 years ago. Together these vineyards comprises of 6-hectares of Nerello Mascalese, Nerello Capuccio, Grillo, Carricante and Catarrato, and are at 600-750 meters of altitude above sea level. The total production is approximately 5000 bottles a year. The conditions on Mount Etna, with high winds and super fertile volcanic soil, are so ideal for winemaking that in many vintages, the vines do not need to be treated with sulfur at all. There is no sulfur added to these wines during neither fermentation nor bottling. The name Quantico is inspired by the philosophies of quantum physics: a small quantum particle can affect the larger surrounding ecosystem to a great degree. These philosophies have much in common with what we know about biodynamics.

Vino Biancodef_quantico_2011_tracc

Vino Bianco tech sheet

The white grapes were planted in 2007, where Carricante brings acidity, minerality, and the ability to age; Catarratto grapes have more sugar and bring the floral notes; and the Grillo grape brings the softness and elegance with the herbal, floral and citrus notes.

Total production: 3500 bottles

Training Method: 90% spurred cordon and 10% guyot

Exposure: East – South/East

Soil: Typical soil of volcanic areas: loose, well drained and with distinct radical exploration.

Varieties: Carricante 70%, Catarratto 20%, Grillo 10%

Vinification Method: Hand picked in cases, gentle pressing, cold maceration and fermentation on skins and indigenous yeasts at 7/8 C for 24 hours. Racking and controlled fermentation at 15 C for about 30 days. Zero added sulfites

Tasting Note: This wine is full-bodied and its colour is deep golden, similar to sulfur crystals. There are aromas of broom and hints of citrus fruits and bitter herbs, which prepares the palate for an intense and well-rounded taste. Its sapidity and acidity makes it refreshing, evoking the sensation of the sea.

Vino Rosso quantico rosso_2011_USA

Vino Rosso tech sheet 

In this wine, the Nerello Mascalese grape is used for acidity and aging potential, while the Nerello Cappuccio grape brings violet and purple colors, structure and body.

Total Production: 1500 bottles

Training Method:  Spurred cordon

Soil: Typical soil of volcanic areas: loose, well drained and with distinct radical exploration.

Varieties: Nerello Mascalese 90%, Nerello Cappuccio 10%

Vinification Method: Hand sorting and hand picking in cases, maceration for 10 days at 23 C, and fermentation is done with indigenous yeasts. Aged for 12 months: 1/3 in stainless steel, 1/3 in old barriques and 1/3 in tonneaux.

Tasting Note: This wine is elegant and fresh on the nose. It is spiced with hints of balsam and red fruits. In the mouth, it tastes well rounded and delicate, with mature and sweet tannins. Its color is bright red.