Jumpin’ Juice

Jumping Juice. The very name is a prompt to embrace life. It’s an elixir that shields you from the trials and tribulations of existence. It’s that liquid beam of sunshine concentrated through the prism of the magnifying glass of life. Its very raison d’être simply to be delicious and to act as a catalyst for carousing with the fine folks with whom you surround yourself. These are all very noble causes worth pursuing and Jumping Juice is your conduit to these good times.

Jumping Juice the vinous project of Patrick Sullivan and Xavier Goodridge. Patrick and Xavier have been kicking around and heading on adventures together since they were 18, heading to London together to take on the local wine scene.

Jumping Juice is all about the journey and adventure. Two simpatico humans, whose roots lie in the vineyards and farming. Proper farming, with a deep respect for the nuances and rhythms of site, making the most of their knowledge of organic and biodynamic farming methods.

Half Full Red — Back to the top

Varieties: Shiraz, Cabernet and a touch of skin fermented Sauvignon Blanc.

Always about optimism. Life’s great and as is this wine…always. Now in its 10th year and countless incarnations. Bright, delicious and incredibly juicy. This year we managed to prize a very Small parcel of Syrah from Mike Sleggers to blend with an absolute punchbowl of white/red grapes in a co-ferment of the ages. This wine has some serious deliciousness, crunch and vibrancy. Always a pleasure. Fermented in stainless steel. Biodynamic vineyard in Margaret River.

Yellow — Back to the top

A bit of a classic from Jumping Juice. 100% whole bunch, carbonic, skin ferment sauvignon blanc on the skins for 3 weeks. With a touch
of gewürztraminer. Its ripe, tropical, pineapples and cream – a hipsters paradise. Made to taste like the true sun-baked place it’s from. Electric energy pouring out of the bottle. Grown by Mike Sleggers. Fermented in stainless steel. Biodynamic vineyard in Margaret River.

Sunset — Back to the top

Sometimes we just want to drink Juice. Sometimes we just want a bit of alchemy. Skin fermented sauvignon blanc, gewürztraminer and shiraz…. The color of Summer and the scent of a holiday. Crunchy, lush, fruit bomb crazy. Margaret River grown and farmed by the master Mike Sleggers. Fermented in stainless steel.Biodynamic vineyard in Margaret River. Delicious!

Pinot Noir — Back to the top

These Pinot Noir grapes come from the Goulburn Valley, just north of the Yarra Valley. The wine is fermented on the skins for 2 weeks, 100% destemmed and then is aged in 2000 liter barrels.

Everybody just wants a Pinot Noir that is slurpable, enjoyable and fun. Made in a serious way for fun everyday drinking. This wine walks a fine line between party time and dinner with the in-Laws. See where the adventure takes you. Whole berry partial carbonic fermentation, aged in 2000L foudre. Pinot noir at its purist.