The Comfort Drop: Chat and Taste Live with Eric & Joel of Las Jaras

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UPDATE: Sharing Joel’s rad Sourdough Detroit-style pizza recipe!

Joel made the pizza with a Levain pizza dough with 75% hydration, which is not for beginners. But you can follow our more explanatory, step-by-step recipe here. Or simply substitute it with store-bought dough.

enough dough for a full sheet:
~100g mature levain (sourdough) sweet stage
495g AP flour
5g rye flour
350g warm H2O (+ 50g after autolyse)
10g salt (after autolyse)
5g EVOO (after autolyse)

enough butter and olive oil for greasing the pan
Havarti sliced ~400g/ 200g if making half/ 
White Cheddar grated: ~700g/350g dtto
Sauce ~12CL/6CL (4oz/2oz)
Sauce recipe:
1 X ~800g can of crushed tomatoes (Bianco DiNapoli)
2 cloves of garlic, crushed
7g sea salt
pinch of dried oregano
1T extra virgin olive oil
For the sauce, simply mix ingredients and store in the refrigerator. The sauce is best the next day and is also great on pasta. 

For the dough: after autolyse (check the “Feeding your starter” section here) and incorporating salt and oil, fold at least twice every hour. When the dough has doubled in size, divide if making a half sheet, and fold. Bench rest for 30-45 min and fold again. Add dough ball to a Detroit pan that has been heavily coated with butter and olive oil. 45 min to an hour later, gently de-gas the dough and push to the corners of the pan. In an hour, push the dough again if needed but do not de-gas. After an hour or so, it is time to bake! 

Par-bake the dough for 7 min in a 500F oven.

When done, top the dough with sliced Havarti cheese and stack the corners with grated white cheddar.
Bake the pie for 7 minutes, then rotate and bake for an additional 8+ minutes until the top is golden brown and the sides and corners look crunchy.
Use a flat metal turner to chisel the pizza out of the pan and gently lift the pie out of the pan. Dress with pizza sauce, cut and enjoy!



Join us on Sunday, 4/26 at 7 pm EST (4 pm PST) for an exclusive Insta Live with Eric Wareheim and Joel Burt of Las Jaras Wines talking wine and making mean Detroit style pizza!

They’ll take us through their latest release, including the zingy zero-zero Superbloom coferment. Get your hands on the latest LJ release if you want to drink along, it’s out there! (Or just pop a pantry staple like their OG Sweet Berry Wine. Anything goes.)

Start your bottle hunt and see you on Jenny&Francois Insta account, Sunday night!

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