Socially Distant, Locally Close: Where to Get J&F Wines in these Challenging Times

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Nothing is like it used to be a mere week ago, with our beloved hospitality & wine trade taking hit after hit… Hence, being able to see the friendly faces of your favorite wine shop staff (even for just a short & socially distant curbside hello) while they’re handing you some much needed natural remedies represents a welcome reminder of our “normal” social rituals that still make the world a better place. Luckily, the State of New York shares this opinion and deemed wine stores an essential part of the city’s ecosystem. So we could compile a list of the NY (both city & state) spots still rocking our natural wines.

We live in a time of ever-shifting sands, so please note that

a) it’s definitely worth checking the current opening hours and pick-up/delivery guidelines & conditions before you head to the place of your choice – many of the stores require you to place an order online or via phone beforehand.

b) the list is in alphabetical order. Non-exhaustive and subject to change.

Enjoy, stay safe & support your local retailer

For a map of restaurants selling our wines that offer delivery, click here.


<3 Jenny & Team 

Amaro Wine & Spirits 
Atlas Wine Merchants
Bedford Nostrand Wine 
Bouchon Wine Shop
Brooklyn Barrel
Brooklyn Wine Exchange
Dandy Wine & Spirits
D Vino 
Duke’s Liquor Box
Drink PLG
Dry Dock 
Fat Cat Wines
Fermented Grapes
Fresh Direct Brooklyn Store 
Franklin Wine & Spirits
Gnarly Vines 
Gowanus Wine Merchants 
Grain & Vine
Greenwood Grape & Still
Heritage Wine 
Leon & Son 
Little Mo Wine & Spirits
Liquid Assets 
Manny’s Wine Shop 
Myrtle W&S 
Natural Wine Co
Navy Wine Merchants 
Olivino Fulton St. 
Olivino Marcus Garvey 
Parlour W&S
Pier Wines
Simple Syrup 
Slope Cellars
Smith & Vine
Stranger Wines
Thirst Merchants 
Uva W&S
Vanderbilt Wine Merchants 
Vine Wine 
Wright & Goebel
York Cellars 

ABC wine co 
Ambassador Wines & Spirits
Amsterdam Wine Co 
Astor Wines
Best Bottles 
Convive Wine and Spirits
Discovery Wines
Eataly Vino 
Eastside Cellars
Foragers Wines Chelsea 
Mashbill Wine & Spirits
Nolita Wine Merchants 
Sea Grape
September Wines & Spirits 
Some Good Wine 
Tribeca Wine Merchant
Union Square W&S
Urban Wine & Spirits 
West Side Wine 
Whole Foods Wine Shop 
Wine & Unwind
Wine Hut 
Wine Therapy 
Vines on Pine

Adega Wine & Spirits
Blue Streak
Table Wine 

New Jersey
Riverview Wines 

Upstate NY

22 2nd Street (Troy)
Artisan Wine (Beacon)
Cellar d’Or (Ithaca)
Dixie’s Wine and Liquor (Delhi) 
Ester (Kingston)
Flowercup (Cold Spring)
Kingston Wine Co.
Palate (Newburgh)
Paradise Wine (Buffalo) 
Solo Vino 
Upstream  (Livingston Manor)
Wild Common (Andes) 
Winkler & Samuels (Buffalo)