Caleb Leisure

Caleb came into our awareness because of his internship with Tony Coturri. Before he worked for Tony, he spent time working in academia, as well as with cheese. He also did internships at wineries in the Languedoc and Jura regions in France. In 2014 he returned to California, and his first vintages of wines were harvested in 2016. Just before the 2017 harvest he buried 10 authentic Georgian qvevri underground. He is working exclusively with organically and biodynamically grown fruit and is using zero additions of any kind in the wines.

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Total Production: 1000 bottles

Age of Vines: 30 years

Soil: Decomposed Granite

Varieties: 70% Mourvedre, 30% Marsanne

Vinification Method: Grapes are hand harvested and ferment as whole bunches semi-carbonically in 750 liter georgian qvevri for about 8 days. Elevage continues in the qvevri for 6 months. The wine is bottled unfilterd, unfined, and with zero addition of sulfur. 


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Total Production: 400 bottles

Age of Vines: 30 years

Soil: Decomposed Granite

Varieties: Viognier

Vinification Method: Grapes are hand harvested, and fermented with 1/3 of the skins for about 9 days in Georgian Qvevri. The fermenting wine is transferred to bottle to finish fermentation as an orange pet nat, on the lees for about 5 months. The wine is disgorged and has zero sulfur added.