Bogdan Trojak


The “Autentisté” group is the name for natural winemakers in the Czech Republic. This movement was started by winemaker/Prague winebar owner Bogdan Trojak in the late 2000’s. The Autentisté manifesto, similar to that of other natural winemakers, states: “According to Authentic Winegrowers, genuine wine should be true drink acquired only from grapes, without excess technological intervention and additives – selected yeast, enzymes, tannins or clarifiers. In vineyards, they comply with rules valid for bio-production. Authentic Winegrowers perceive their work as a mission. It is not a business only – it is important that someone preserves the taste of traditional wines and ensures actual terroir thanks to gentle procedures.”

Most of the wineries are in Moravia, where grapes have traditionally been planted in the Czech Republic, with some in Bohemia, and a few added more recently from Slovakia. We are proud to be working with a large part of the group, available for the first time in the USA.


Bogdan is the founder and spiritual leader of the Autentisté group, and the proprietor of Prague’s first natural wine bar, Veltlin. His largest vineyard is located in Čtvrtě, where Quaternary loess bedrock can be found. The second vineyard is the sloping vineyard Veselá (cadastre Němčičky) where the bedrock is mainly formed by tertiary sandstone. Bogdan mainly focuses on production of blended wines based on Veltlínské zelené. As for red wines, he likes to work with Frankovka or Burgundské modré, however he often works with more typical Central European varieties. Residues from musts are often removed by sedimentation. Fermentation of white musts takes place in acacia barrels. Following fermentation, young wines sit on gross lees. Prior to bottling, all wines are aged in the cellar for at least one year. Due to the fact that wines are not filtered and stabilized, they have to be “stabilized” by time. Sulfurization of wines is very gentle and in some cases he does not add sulfur at all.

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Age of Vines: 10 years old

Yields: 1 kilogram per vine

Soil: Loess

Varieties: Frankovka (Blaufrankisch) 70%, Merlot 20%, Pinot Noir 10%

Vinification Method: Grapes are hand harvested, destemmed, and then vinified in 225-liter 4-year-old oak barrels for about 3 weeks. The wine spends 14 months on the sediment without racking. It is then bottled without fining or filtration, and with zero sulfur added.