Reasons Manu Lassaigne is our Hero- #1

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In honor of La Fete du Champagne, we’re kicking off a new series to take a look at one of our favorite winemakers, Emmanuel Lassaigne. Manu is a rare breed: someone who works very instinctively and puts all his powers of creativity into action, seemingly without fear of failure or concern for what the market wants. He makes […]

Winelovers Unite: Take Back the Terroir

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  Dear Winelovers, Come protest Global Warming with the Jenny & François team!  We are passionate about this subject for many reasons, but as people of the wine industry who work closely with winemakers around the world, we have to acknowledge the effect of global warming on grape growing. On Sunday September 21st, we will […]

Things People Like about Natural Wines: Part 10 Jean Luc le Du

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Jean Luc le Du has been a fixture in the New York City wine scene for almost two decades now. He helmed the list a sommelier at restaurant Daniel in the mid 1990’s and also designed many of the lists at Daniel Boulud’s renowned restaurants, including Café Boulud. He opened le Du’s wines in 2005 and […]

Austrian Natural Wines!

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These days, with scores of new natural wine importers scouring Europe for the latest and greatest finds, it’s not every day we run across an example of stunning, zero sulfur, natural wines we’ve never heard of before. But that’s exactly what happened to us last Fall when we all first tasted the wines of Franz […]

Lauren’s Adventures in Sicily – Part 2: Vino Quantico

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A few days ago I opened my e-mail and there was a message from Giovanni Raiti, one of the winemakers at Vino Quantico in Sicily. He sent a photo of the volcano, Mt. Etna, in a beautiful eruption and said “I think it wanted to celebrate the arrival of our wine in NY! To think, […]

Emmanuel Lassaigne Popping Corks!

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Emmanuel Lassaigne, our amazing champagne winemaker, is coming to New York, and his plane lands this evening, on Halloween. He’s only here until Sunday, so if you want to break bread with him, you’ll need to buy a ticket to the amazing dinner Rouge Tomate is putting on Saturday. Apart from that, if you follow […]

Why Olivier Cousin’s Case is a Big Deal

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There are a lot of issues at stake in Olivier Cousin’s resurgent court case. To read about the whole mess, you could check out our old posts here, and for the latest updates, read Jim Budd’s post here. The heart of the issue is not a mere case of overly tyrannical wine labeling laws, or even the […]

Lauren’s Adventures in Sicily- Part 1

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  I can tell Sicily will be a unique and incredible place before the plane even lands. My face is pressed up against the plane window and I see mountains and beautiful serene turquoise water. The kid behind me is kicking my seat and I’m so excited I could kick him back (I don’t). I’ve […]

Interview with Christian, Winemaker of Ca’ dei Zago Prosecco

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Ca’ dei Zago’s Col Fondo Prosecco has become one of the quickest shining stars of our relatively new Italian Portfolio. The demand for this wine surprised even us: when we first tasted it we instantly loved it, but wondered how far a product so different from most prosecco could spread. It turns out the demand […]

The 2012 Dirty and Rowdy Semillon has arrived!

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The 2012 Dirty and Rowdy Semillon is back in NYC! The Dirty and Rowdy wines are taking New York, and the wine world in general, by storm, and we are honored to work with them. The 2011 Semillon was 50% skin contact and 50% concrete egg fermented, but this year the 2012 is 80% skin […]