Audible Pleasures: Nine Wine Podcasts Making our Quarantine a Better Place Right Now

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Because even watching Netflix needs a break after a while (although, a list of our wine-related moving images recommendations coming up soon). These are the wine people we like to listen to – even when not Covid-confined.

Wil Fulton dives deep into debates, and insights that inform Thrillist’s coverage of food, drink, travel entertainment and more. Including our fearless leader Jenny Lefcourt talking about the essentials of natural wine.

Natural Wine Disasters

No need to lengthily present those two California rogues – Marissa A. Ross (Wine Editor at Bon Appetit) and Adam Vourvoulis (Vin de California & Natural Whine) muse about wine and.. whatever. 

The Grape Nation
The Heritage Radio’s programme fully dedicated to wine, hosted by Sam Benrubi. Unpretentious and informative, this weekly show has hosted our Jenny Leftcourt (episode no. 115) or our pals like Wild Arc Farm‘s Todd Cavallo (ep. 124), Coralie Delecheneau of La Grange Tiphaine (ep. 122), Tracey Brandt of Donkey& Goat (ep. 117) or Alice Feiring (ep. 122).I

Wine for Normal People
Elizabeth Schneider calls herself a “certified wine dork” – and indeed, her podcast sports some lovable dorky moments or even whole episodes dedicated to niche topics like high altitude wine, but still delivered with loads of humor and inclusivity.

I’ll Drink to That
Levi Dalton, a former sommelier (Masa, Daniel, Convivio), has been inviting some “incredibly famous and knowledgeable wine personalities” for some seriously in-depth talks in his tiny living room since 2014.

Wine Face 
Helen Johannesen, the knowledgeable and stylish owner of Helen’s Wines in Los Angeles, is breaking down the ins and outs of wine: How it’s made, why it’s important, what you should drink, and why people often make it so damn elitist. All this in just 15-min episodes, which means you don’t need to pause it four times or painstakingly search for time to listen. Go, Helen!

On the Wine Road
Alert to all California lovers – Jeff Davis is travelling the sunny wine country (and beyond) to bring you insight into the lives of  West Coast wine people.

John McCarroll and Kevin Diamond going wild – but sometimes also serious, with guests like NY Times’ Eric Asimov or Estela’s Amanda Smeltz.

The Pairing Podcast
Don’t expect food, this is about pairing wine with culture! Actor and sommelier in training Emma Sherr-Ziarko and her guests discuss what to match with anything from literature through music to movies.