Join us & Hardy Wallace of Dirty & Rowdy for a Special Interactive Journey through Place, Space and Sound

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Wine is such a social phenomenon – as much as it can provide a much-needed relief even in the moments of solitude, it’s best enjoyed in a company where ideas, opinions and good energy can be shared with an inspiring crowd – and beauty in all its forms.

Which is why, in cooperation with Hardy Wallace of Dirty & Rowdy Family Winery and his musician friends Eric “Benny” Bloom (of Lettuce) and Borahm Lee of Break Science, we’re hosting a one-of-a-kind “interactive journey through place, space and sound!”
On 4/1 8.00pm EST, join us for this special online meet-up with live music & tasting of Hardy’s skinsy Sémillon and Unfamiliar Red – and we want you to be part of it. Three simple steps:
  1. register for the tasting via Zoom 
  2. grab a bottle of Dirty & Rowdy 2018 Skin & Concrete Egg Fermented Sémillon and 2017 Unfamiliar Red via your fav wine shop (list of NY stockists below – retailers, reach out to your J&F rep if you want to participate, the more the merrier!)
  3. on 4/1 8.00 pm EST, tune in the Zoom party to enjoy the wine together with other wine lovers around the States, Hardy’s expert and funny tasting guidance, music pairing, Q&A and more!


List of Dirty & Rowdy NY stockists:

Astor Wines
Blue Streak Wines
Brooklyn Wine Exchange
Brooklyn Barrel
Convive Wines
Ester Wine & Spirits
Heritage Wines
Gnarly Vines
Kingston Wine Co
Leon & Son
LIC Market (Restaurant selling to-go)
Navy Wine Merchants
Manny’s Wine Shop
Smith & Vine
Vanderbilt Wine Merchants
Vine Wine
Whole Foods 
Wine Therapy
York Cellars