The Inspiring Resilience of the Restaurant Industry: Ways to Act and Help

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It’s no secret the restaurant world has been hard hit by COVID-19. Here we will keep a running list going of things you can do to help:


A New York Hospitality Coalition has formed, if you work in the trade in any capacity, please join it here!

ROAR.NY is a relief plan & petition put together by tens of NY hospitality groups including Momofuku, Jean-Georges, Contra and Atoboy, who ask the government to implement well-formulated relief bills – read more and sign here:

Assistance for Individuals & Businesses:
-Link to donate
-List of seek assistance & additional information
-Sign up to give or receive financial assistance and connect with others who need or are willing to provide help via shopping for groceries, chores around the home, etc.
-Grants for bartenders and / or their spouses & children
-Cash assistance to restaurant workers, delivery drivers, and other service workers
-Food Stamps, Cash Assistance, Medicaid, and additional government-run assistance programs

Venmo Account @win-son 
-Relief fund for undocumented workers
-“Tip your bartender” program — electronically tip a bartender when enjoying a beverage at home
-Punch (IG @punch_drink) also working on a similar program – details TBA 

-Venmo @bkservicecoalition
-List of relief funds for restaurants, bars, and service workers

General Resources:
-Updated daily with new resources & ways to help

-Live blog with the latest news and analysis on the effects of the Covid-19 on the drinks industry
-Links to relief funds & initiatives across the country
-List of merchandise and goods available from affected businesses & other helpful information

Relief for Businesses:
-Loans & grants for small businesses affected by COVID-19
-Survey for Nightlife Workers, Freelancers, and Business Impacted by COVID-19
-Commission fees suspended for independent restaurants in Boston, Chicago, New York City, Portland, and San Francisco. 

Mental Health Resources:
-Support groups for members of the hospitality industry
-24/7 toll-free counseling via phone, text, or online

Temporary Work:
-Please fill out this form if you are a service worker affected by a restaurant closure and would like to be connected to wine & spirits shops in NYC seeking assistance with delivery orders and other related services.

Marketing & Outreach:  

-Email with your updated delivery options, links to a website / menu, etc. to be featured in Alice’s website and newsletter.

Also, please respond to this email with updates regarding your business! We would love to support and promote what you’ve got going on.

Contacting Government Officials:
-Search your representatives by address – includes contact information
-Breakdown of key elected officials with contact information, description of their role, and stances on major issues. 


Adaptation & Resilience:

The MAD feed

A daily update by Noma’s educational branch publishing inspirational tips & measures from restaurants fighting the Covid-19 crisis all around the world.


Million Gallons

Turning unused ingredients and staff into delicious soups feeding the community

Here is a list of funds setup by specific New York City Restaurants to help their workers:

Atoboy NYC
Colonia Verde BK
LIC Market
Hunky Dory
Il Buco
The Finch
Pinch Chinese They are giving 30% of the money raised from gift certificates directly to staff:
Egg Restaurant
Lil Deb’s Oasis
Lois Bar gift cards to support staff:
Niche Niche/Tokyo Record Bar
Hometown BBQ & Red Hook Tavern
Colonie/Pips/Gran Electrica
Cookshop/the bowery group
Hotel Delmano
Grand Army Bar
City Winery
meme’s diner
Lawrence park Hudson
Saint julivert
Miss Ada